Peter Prowse

PR: reputational


PR consultancy experience


              Peter Prowse has developed reputational management strategies and

              implemented communications programmes for government

              organisations, companies, professional institutions and not for-for-profit

              organisations in a variety of sectors, including:

  •      Alcatel

  •      Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

  •      Intellectual Property Office (UK)

  •      Intellectual Property Office, The Philippines

  •      South West England Regional Development Agency

  •      State of Kansas (USA)

  •      State of South Australia

  •      The Met Office

  •      UK Trade & Investment

    "Peter Prowse sets the highest professional standards. Even after a 

     decade of working with him, I still felt a valued client. His continuing

     commitment to come up with new ideas and initiatives is always a


             Geoff Walls, Former Agent General, State of South Australia




PR: reputational management


        Incisive analysis of reputational issues and strategic

        PR planning that delivers results.



       Peter Prowse advises businesses, not-for-profit

       organisations and government agencies, helping them to

       develop PR and communications strategies that will

       enhance their corporate reputation.


       Working with clients' senior management, Peter Prowse

       uses analytical tools to map an organisation's

       relationships with its stakeholders.  This stakeholder

       map can then form the basis of a communications

       strategy and plan incorporating clear objectives,

       specific messages and communication channels for

       each stakeholder group.




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PR: reputational management
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