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              Workshops incorporating exercises using clients’ own material can

              be arranged to develop skills in:

Communication skills training



           Peter Prowse structures short one or two day workshops for

           individuals or small groups, delivered at clients’ own premises.


           The training concentrates on developing practical

           communication skills that help delegates become more

           effective communicators.



          “I would like to thank you for the focused work done and your

           intensive engagement, including the preparation phase of the

           workshop, which involved actively the participants.  These

           aspects were highly appreciated by the colleagues who

           participated.  In my opinion, there is a strong need and

           demand for further skills development in this area.”


           Konstantinos Karachalios

           European Patent Office, Munich



·          Making presentations


·          Writing and editing for non-specialist readers


·          Writing in English for international readers


·          Writing and speaking in English for translation


·          Writing for the press


·          Handling media interviews.

Writing & photography
PR: reputational management
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